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News:5 star hotels in switzerland

In the Texas Hill Country on Lake LBJ
The area where the Llano and Colorado Rivers meet has long been a gathering place and resort area. First it was used by the Indians, then the settlers, including Martin King for whom Kingsland is named. In 1892 the Austin and Northwestern Railroad arrived by building a bridge across the Colorado River, and a depot in Kingsland.
The Antlers Hotel was begun in 1900 and opened May 1, 1901. Newspapers hanging around the hotel show events on that date including the cross-country trip by President William McKinley who toured Austin on May 3, 1901.
The hotel was a fashionable resort and on weekends the railroad ran excursion trains out from Austin. The hotel also served traveling salesmen or "drummers" and cattlemen. The hotel operated successfully until the 20’s when automobile travel eroded the reliance on train excursions. The novelty of the lake by the rails faded as a vacation destination and the hotel closed in 1923.
A fire destroyed much of Kingsland in 1922 and the town was in decline. The property was purchased in 1923 by the Barrow family, who used it as a family retreat for 70 years until 1993. The hotel was then purchased by an Austin investor and went through over two years of renovation under the direction of Anthony Mayfield. It reopened on September 1, 1996 with Lori and Anthony Mayfield as managers. Today the property features the restored hotel, several restored cabins, and a few additions like the brightly colored cabooses, a new country store and conference center, and other turn-of-the-century buildings that keep being brought in from neighboring towns for restoration. The history of the Antlers is still being made, and each visit brings a new surprise, as the hotel has become a center of restoration and growth for the area.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] bay!!! Smile
News:5 star hotels in switzerland
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